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We’ve held the #1 position on Google for “SEO Murfreesboro” for over 2 years! If you’re tired of your website just being a simple digital business card and are ready to turn it into a qualified customer magnet, we’re the best team for the job. Simply hit the button below to begin.

No Website? No problem. Let’s talk about crafting the perfect digital solution for your business.

ROI Focused Murfreesboro SEO Company

At King SEO, we’re a Murfreesboro SEO company that is focused on generating revenue for your business. We don’t prioritize getting as many clicks as possible from throw away keywords. 

We also don’t focus our time on ranking your business for search terms that have absolutely 0 volume and no competition simply because they’re easy to get on the first page for. 

The reason you want SEO services for your Murfreesboro business is to get your website in front of qualified customers ready to make a purchase or connect with your team.

That’s what we’re focused on.

Your Murfreesboro SEO Strategy Should Be Founded In Research.

The first step in your Murfreesboro SEO strategy should always be research. If you don’t know what your customers are searching for on Google, you can’t know what to optimize for.

We focus on buyer-intent keywords and never waste an ounce of any resource optimizing for keywords that aren’t going to create a return on investment for your business.

Dominick Powell


“I’m very hands-on with every project. With our small-team approach, I’m able to act as the account manager for every client to ensure their SEO campaign is a sucess.”

King SEO Murfreesboro is Here to Help.

Real, Local SEO Results.

It’s far too often that our Web Design and SEO consultation calls present the SAME common pain points of working with nearly all of the companies that call themselves “SEO Experts.”

  • “I’m not exactly sure what they’re doing, but they’re CASHING THE CHECK!”
  • “I can’t manage my OWN WEBSITE”
  • “They’ve registered my domain and won’t give it to me unless I pay them MORE.”
  • “I’m working with an SEO company, but they aren’t bringing me ANY RESULTS”

you know what to do

Frustrated with Murfreesboro SEO Company

The Best Murfreesboro Website Design Company.

At King SEO Murfreesboro, we tailor every Murfreesboro web design or search engine optimization project to fit your needs and not waste a dime of your money.

We are continuously transparent with each client from the initial consultation call through the duration of our time working together. Other Web Design and SEO Companies make a marketing sales pitch to you, so they can take your money and do just enough to make you think you’re getting value (if they’re willing to do that much).

  • On-Page SEO

    Keyword density, keyword performance, content length, image optimization, and growth opportunity.

  • Off-Page SEO

    Backlinks, social media presence, reviews, and business citations

  • Competitor Analysis

    Analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your competition.

How's Your Website Doing?

We want to take a look at your website to see why you’re not getting the results you desire.

Let's Build Your Digital Marketing Strategy!

We know the internet like the back of our Google Pixel cell phones, and we provide you with the full gamut of digital marketing services. That means everything from designing beautiful website solutions to running a PPC ad campaign. We’ll help you choose the best channels for spreading your message and growing your business to the best audience and within budget.

Our Murfreesboro web design services are tailored to impress your customers. We don’t just drag and drop through templates; we BUILD beautiful websites that convert search volume into actual leads.

As a business owner, there are a few things that you don’t want from your website design. You do NOT want a website that loads slow in the browser. every second that your web page takes to load you lose another 3-5% of customers in conversions. You do NOT want a website that doesn’t lure potential customers into making contact with your business. Most importantly, you do NOT want a website that doesn’t allow potential customers to trust your business.

Your Murfreesboro website design needs to present professionally. Contact us today to take the first step in taking charge of your internet presence.

It’s in the name: King SEO Murfreesboro. It’s what we do. Search engine optimization is our bread and butter. We take a full scale service approach from handling your on-site SEO with your webpage titles, heading titles, meta titles and descriptions, etc. to off-site SEO management in backlinks and citation building.

You need a Nashville SEO Agency that values your business. We strive to build a long-lasting relationship with each one of our clients because that’s the only way that an SEO agency should be ran. Search engine optimization should be a lifetime investment for your business. The search engine algorithms change so frequently, and it’s to be expected that whatever your peak position is won’t be maintained without some extra help.

Our Murfreesboro SEO services will help to keep the customers rolling in even in those times when business is supposed to be slow. Let’s talk about how we can grow your business to reach your goals.


Before you continue this scroll for information any further, let me take a look at your website! Absolutely free of charge, you’ll receive an SEO audit looking at the things your website is doing well and the things it isn’t.

Let's Talk!


What Separates You From Other Murfreesboro Web Design Teams?

King SEO Murfreesboro is an internet marketing firm that can provide you with the complete set of services you need to dominate your local market through online methods. With us, you get incredible web designSEO (search engine optimization) services, and insight on how to utilize tools from Google and Facebook. Our focus is on helping businesses here in Murfreesboro, Tennessee use web development techniques to expand their customer base, increase sales, and retain customers for the long haul.


For great web design in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, you need more than just a sleek website design. There are incredible web design teams that focus solely on the way your website looks, but when they are not rooted in best SEO practices, mobile-friendly designs, click-to-call, and analytics, they don’t have the ability to reach an audience. Do you really want to spend a bunch of money on a gorgeous site that no one sees? Instead, you can bring us in to boost your ranking for relevant search terms on Google, make your website incredibly user-friendly, and actually create sales leads through your online presence. The entire world is using the internet now, so you can take advantage by getting the most advanced internet marketing available. If you would like to discuss the different ways we can give your business a boost, then contact us today to set up a free consultation.

How Does Great Web Design in Murfreesboro Contribute to Sales?

The key to taking over your business’ niche market is a complete web design experience from our expert team at King SEO Murfreesboro. We go beyond just creating a great website; we make sure that your website and entire online presence work cohesively to generate real sales leads. Our tried and true methods have taken businesses to the first page of the Google search results for search terms relevant to their business and developed great ad campaigns on facebook and google that all aid in funneling those new potential customers directly to you.


When creating your web design, we make sure that the first thing we do is increase your visibility to the people that are looking for your services. Search engine optimization is the process by which we take your business to the top of the organic listings (unpaid listings) in the most popular search engines. Our methods of creating designs and content have proven to boost rankings on google and other search engines; this obviously puts a lot of new eyes on your business.


In addition to using your website development to increase the visibility of your page, we also make sure that the website is designed in a way to efficiently convert sales leads. For starters, we create web designs that are mobile-friendly because such a large portion of the market right now is determined by people searching for things on their smartphones. Additionally, we use analytics, click-to-call buttons, and contact forms to gather information and get you directly in touch with the people that are searching for your business and need your services. With the combination of these methods, you will see a massive increase in sales leads for your business. Imagine that the calls are coming in, customer contact information is coming in for you to directly respond to, and your business is easier than ever to find online. So, how does good website development contribute to sales? It simply gets you in touch with more customers.

How Does Google Maps Work for Business?

For some, it may be hard to imagine that google maps is a tool for your business just as much as it is for the consumer. With so many people in the modern age using their phone as their primary resource for navigation, it only makes sense that having your business placed highly in the google maps section will bring a lot more eyes onto your business. If someone needs a good place to meet with their friends to enjoy a nice cup of coffee, you can likely expect a “coffee shops” google search either in the google search engine itself or in the google maps app so they can find places close to them with good ratings. What you may not know is that there are specific things that your business and website needs to do to guarantee that you show up when people are looking on Google Maps for the services and products that your business provides.


That’s where we come in. At King SEO Murfreesboro, our team understands and continues to research exactly what needs to be done in order to guarantee that your business is a top search result on Google Maps and a likely click for anyone that finds themselves searching for your type of business. We would love to share more with you about how we can get this done for your business through a risk-free consultation today. 

What Kind of Long Term Results Do Google Ads Provide?

In the results for your search terms on Google, you may notice there is a significant section of sites at the top of these search results that are actually boosted by Google Ads. Google Ads are a necessary tool for the short-term boost that it provides and the guaranteed eyes that it brings to your website. However, when they are being used properly, they allow us to use the analytics and the increased traffic to convert sales and plan for our future online marketing efforts.


With King SEO Murfreesboro, you get a team that understands the ins and outs of internet marketing and web design & development. You can trust that we will utilize all available tools to make sure that you are successful in generating sales leads so that you can grow your business. Our team is ready to put together a personalized plan for your business when you call us today and set up a free consultation & website audit today. We look forward to helping you generate sales through our revolutionary online marketing techniques.

Our Murfreesboro Web Design Team Helps You Anywhere You Need It.

One of the biggest things that we do here at King SEO Murfreesboro is help owners of local businesses not only have a fighting chance, but outrank their regional and even NATIONAL competitors. With a properly managed website from our expert team combined with our search engine optimization techniques, the big dogs from out of state with 20+ satellite locations will have to sit comfortably in 2nd place.

However, we are also capable of elevating your business and taking you higher by helping YOU to become one of those big dogs. Whether you want to reach the top of the search result listings for your local city and the surrounding area or you want to expand your business to reach across the state, perhaps even the country, we are equipped with the professional techniques and knowledge to take you there.

You'll Never Be Alone with King SEO Murfreesboro

With our website design and seo for pest control companies, we are building strong relationships with the businesses that we work with. Most of the time, we’re working together for a pretty good while, and building that bond is an important part of the process for us.

We strive to constantly be transparent and informative. It’s important to us that you understand the efforts in front of the money you’re putting in. Answering questions is simply a part of the job. With King SEO, you will never feel cheated or as though someone has pulled the wool over your eyes. We’re not about your money; we’re about building partnerships and growing businesses.

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